This a a Japanese “as you like it” pancake. I tried it for the first time at a Japanese friend’s house and I gotta tell you,I was hooked.It has become my favorite way to make pancakes.It is really filling and on those days when I have a long day in school,this is what I like to eat cos it keeps me full for a longer period.

Now I am in love with Japanese food and I keep looking interesting and delicious recipes to try.

This recipe was given to me by my friend. Thanks Minako!

You will need:

This makes 1 pancake

2-3 strips Cooked bacon  cut into small pieces

3/4 cups or abt a hand full  Cabbage

1 teaspoon Baking powder

4 tablespoons Flour

1/6 teaspoon Salt

1/2 cup chopped green onion

3 tablespoons Water

1 egg

For the Sauce

3 tablespoons ketchup

1 teaspoon Soy sauce

1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce

Mix them all together



Dried Bonito Shavings (to taste)  If you don’t have this,don’t let it stop you from trying this awesome meal

How to

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Mix the water in and add the remaining ingredients(cabbage,bacon,green onions),and mix well.

Heat the frying pan and lightly oil (a little less than 1 tablespoon oil should do)

Spoon the mixture into the hot pan and spread around to form a round shape(spread it as much as possible without breaking the pancake)

When air bubbles start to rise to the middle of the pancake


like this,turn it over with a spatula.Alternatively,since the okonomiyaki can break if not handled well,you can use a flat plate to turn it over.Slide the pancake onto a flat plate,the turn the frying pan over to cover the “wet side” of the pancake,and flip back into(turn it into) the frying pan.

Press down with your spatula ans keep cooking until it is done.

Transfer to your plate and spread the sauce over the okonomiyaki,top with mayonnaise and sprinkle the dried bonito flakes.



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