Candied Ginger

You would want to pay close attention to this.I did not and got my ginger slices caramelized.It’s all good,tastes good but i would pay close attention next time.

This is one way that I make sure I have ginger all the time.When I candy it,it lasts longer and I can blend it into fruits and drinks without having the fibrous remnants plus it is good to have on hand and eat any time you want,you can coat it with chocolate or chop them into cakes or desserts.The possibilities are endless.

Some blanch their ginger before candying it,the 1st time I made it,I blanched it but I did not the 2nd time because i like it strong.I am a big fan of strong flavors.

You will need

1 big Ginger,about 340g

300g Sugar

300ml Water

Pinch of salt(optional)

 Wash the ginger

 Peel and slice as thinly as you can,it is going to expand in the sugar syrup anyway.

 I used a serrated knife because it helps me slice it thin

Combine the sugar,salt and water in a pot on medium heat and stir until the sugar dissolves.

 Stop stirring and let it come to a boil.

Then add the ginger slices

  Cover and let it cook,watch it closely so it does not burn

Boil until translucent

 Like this.

Turn off the heat and remove from the syrup,draining as much of the syrup as you possibly can,place them separated on a parchment paper. Coat in sugar and allow to dry over night.

Store in a plastic bag and use the syrup to flavor other things or you can store it in the refrigerator.

I like to put all my candied things in the refrigerator.

283750_10150958692288212_2037754249_nI blended it in this carrot and ginger drink

And I also used it as a topping and decorative element in these mini chocolate cupcakes



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