Cookbook Reveiw: The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz


This is the 2nd Ice cream book i have ever bought and the only one out of the 2 that I am going to do a review on.i mean,the other 1 looks okay but I am yet to make any frozen dessert from it.If I do in the nearest future,and I like it,then maybe i would do a review.

Like i mentioned in my 1st book review,very few cookbooks impress me and this one,I like.

The layout is very easy to follow with very nice and not so common flavors.I intend to try the green pea ice cream and the basil ice cream sometime later this year.

The book is divided into sections,Basic,Ice cream,sorbet and sherbets,granitas,sauces and toppings,mix-ins,vessels. Plus,there are ideas for pairings throughout the book. And you have enough materials in there to get as creative as you want.

The recipes i tried,I did not use an ice cream machine for,the ice cream machine I bought specifically for this book let me down,I returned it and I am never going to buy those freeze before you use ice cream machines again,I would rather wait till I can buy one with a freezing compartment so I resorted to using “freeze and rake” method. ha ha! it’s what I call having to do it manually with a fork.

I decided to amp up the flavors in this book because I am one for full bodied flavors.The things I paired each ice cream here with were my own ideas and I did not get them from the book.

Among the 1 set I made,was the Panforte ice cream,it did not freeze and was melting all over the place,in fact,it was what made me return my ice cream machine,am guessing it’s the honey in it that did not make it freeze well,but I did like the flavor.

I paired this Panforte Ice cream with crepes,bananas,a few nuts and chocolate.

Next is the Toasted Coconut Ice cream,I left most of the coconut in the ice cream as opposed to the recipe,what can I say,I felt like it.ha!

20121228_095009  Paired it with crepes too but in another form,with some candied orange slices,orange syrup and shaved chocolate.

Grilled Pineapple with Toasted coconut Icecream and Pineapple caramel sauceI also paired the Toasted coconut ice cream with some grilled pineapple

How about the black pepper ice cream…. I used more black pepper than was called for in the recipe and it is my favorite so far

 Paired it with fried banana spring rolls

The Green tea ice cream was my 2nd favorite out of the recipes i have tried and of course,I amped up the flavor again,i can’t help it.

 Had it sandwiched in brownie hearts

 and on a cone.

So,would I recommend this book? Yes! and i intend to try every recipe in the book,but not all at once,we gotta maintain our figure.ha ha ha.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review,I purchased this book and all the resources used myself.Everything written here is my honest opinion.


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