Tapioca Drink

So,the first time I made this,I was craving some Tapioca but in the form of a drink and not pudding. I searched for a recipe but could not find any so I went into the kitchen and let my heart guide me. I made it first as you would make the regular pudding type then blended it with some milk. The 2nd time I made it,I decided to add some caramel and candied ginger,that’s why the drink is not white as would be if using just milk. You can use fresh ginger too,I just prefer to use candied ginger in my drinks.I used Tapioca flour for this but you can use the ones sold in lumps,just crush it as much as you can before cooking it.

You will need

200 g Tapioca flour

Shredded Coconut (dried or fresh)

10 Tbsp Sugar(or to your taste)

About 2 inch ginger or 12 thin slices of Candied Ginger or less if you don’t like a very gingery drink

1 L Water

1 L Milk (more or less to get the consistency you want)

Dissolve the tapioca flour in the 1 L of water

Add your coconut,use as much or as littles as you want.

Cook stirring consistently until you get a thick translucent paste

 Add your Sugar and taste,adjust as needed.You can always add more at the end.

Blend in your ginger and caramel if using

Tapioca + Candied Ginger + Coconut Add the milk while blending until you reach the consistency you want.

Taste and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted.

Chill completely. Best served cold.




gingerGinger is one of my favorite spices.It can transform the taste of anything from ordinary to special. i use it in almost everything,meat,chicken,soups,,stews,drinks,custards,ice cream,I candy them too and eat them like that or as a topping for cupcakes,or dipped in chocolate,in any way,it tastes great.


Ginger is a hot,aromatic and pungent spice.it is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale.In other words,it is the underground stem (not root) of the ginger plant.Ginger is grown in most tropical countries


It is rich in Dietary fiber,Proteins,Essential fats,Vitamin E,B6 and C,Potassium,Magnesium,Calcium,Phosphorous and Iron.

It is also rich in antioxidants.


Health Benefits

Ginger is used as a digestive-aid.It helps to increase the peristaltic movement of the intestine.

It helps to relieve tummy pain,morning sickness,nausea,diarrhea and travel sickness.

It has a high level of gingerol which acts as a pain killer or anti-inflammatory,reducing pain,inflammation,stiff joints and arthritic pains.

It has a boosting effect on the immune-system and helps you feel better faster.

It relieves heart burn and menstrual cramps.

It boosts digestion.

It sharpens the senses and gives you an energy boost.

The enzymes in ginger enhances the metabolism of fats and proteins and helps the body utilize them better.

It is effective in alleviating cold,cough,asthma,allergies,migraine and ulcers.

It has hypoglycemic properties and helps to regulate blood sugar.

The gingerol in ginger dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation.it lowers the risk of blood clots

Ginger lowers cholesterol and increases the efficiency of the heart.it also lowers blood pressure and the risk of stroke.


it does not stop there…..

It has preservative qualities due to the presence of antioxidants and anti-microbial properties,which keeps food fresh longer.

It helps to tenderize meat due to the protease which attacks the proteins.


That’s not all……

It promotes smoothness and even skin tone.

It lightens age spots.

It is a natural acne fighting ingredient.

It protects and conditions hair,speeds up hair growth,reduces dandruff and prevents hair loss.

to condition your hair,grate a little bit of ginger,add sesame oil to it.massage into scalp and leave for 10 mins.rinse and shampoo. regular use of this might lighten your hair.

Now you know,Ginger is good for you!

lets make some tea

Grate a knob (about 2 inches) of ginger into a mug,add some lemon and honey.pour in some boiling water.Adjust to taste.if you want it less gingery,add more water.